16th August 2018

New Hire! Jennifer Zou joins Qumin London as Performance Director

Jennifer will oversee the Performance Marketing department, ensuring the delivery of the agency’s Search and Paid Media spends for current clients is as effective as possible using the latest ad…
14th August 2018

4 Ways to sell China to your C-suite Execs

You are the brand manager of a strong Western brand. You know that China and Chinese consumerism is booming and your product would do well there. You can see the…
9th August 2018

Qumin’s Tom Nixon speak at Cannes 2018

Unleashing China's creativity. "I was privileged to be invited to Cannes by Twitter to talk about their fastest growing market: China outbound...and I was informed that last year 25% of…
24th July 2018

What does the ‘banning’ of Peppa Pig teach us about Chinese Millennials?

Probably one of the most bizarre news stories in China in recent months was that of Peppa Pig, the British pre-school cartoon, being allegedly banned from trending on Chinese short…
2nd May 2018

Back to Basics with Sirloin

The Shanghai-based brand stirring up the industry “As a brand, you don’t necessarily need to appeal to everyone. Finding your niche is actually more effective,” explains Yishu Wang, associate creative…
19th March 2018

Qumin at Millennial 20/20 London

Chinese millennials took center stage at the recent M20/20 Summit in London, via a live stream designed to offer luxury brands the chance to chat in real time to the…
8th March 2018

International Women’s Day in Chinatown London

We salute you, Ellen Chew (the woman behind #RasaSayang) and Christine Yau (the woman behind #YMing and the largest Chinese New Year celebrationsoutside of Asia).
6th October 2017

How to focus on Chinese consumers during Golden Week

Chinese consumers boast a high disposable income and strong desire to travel, so with one of the busiest holidays in the Chinese calendar drawing to a close, we take a…
13th September 2017

Inside Yoho! China’s Streetwear Empire

Getting to grips with Yoho!, one of China’s most influential streetwear platforms for the country's powerful post 90s generation. "Unlike many of the behemoth e-commerce companies of China, Yoho! is…