BYOB Live Events: China Opportunities in the Wake of COVID-19

Oh no-o, bet you’ve never seen a “webinar” like ours…

In fact, we’ve completely banned that ghastly old word from our vocabulary!

Bring Your Own Brand

Our flagship Qumin events are “live events”, unlike anything you’ve attended before.

“What’s so special about BYOB?”

The format, dear reader: Usually, you’d tune in to the monotonous singsong of someone’s presentation, while you’re multitasking doing something completely different. We created BYOB so you and your brand could get involved and gain real value. The idea is to inspire brands to re-think their own China strategy by learning from current trends and positive brand examples through a hands-on approach to marketing with live workshops, polls, discussions and Q&As.

This live event series, especially during the COVID-19 crisis, has been providing China insights to help businesses adapt and leverage current opportunities. To give you tangible, actionable insights related to your business.

Sessions are live only, no recording and no sharing of information post-event according to Chatham house rules. In other words: “Live means Live”, or “you snooze, you lose”.

Our previous events on Tourism, F&B, and Health & Pharma have seen a staggering 66% attendance rate by key industry people, CEOs, Executive Directors, consultants, marketing specialists, and an array of brands from various industries. Co-hosts included Nestle’s Jessie Yu and Sanofi’s Sissi Cao.

Upcoming Live Events

We have three more live events coming up this summer:

2 June

Beauty & Cosmetics

with a special guest from Coty

Register here!

16 June
Homebound Economy

30 June

Register your interest here.

Again, there will be NO RECORDINGS – do you really want to miss it?

Opportunities in China: A Qumin Report

We have also created a Qumin research paper – 74 slides on China opportunities post-COVID-19, spanning 10 industries!

Apart from current opportunities available, even in the midst of a global pandemic, we share ways in which brands have adapted in China during COVID-19.

Download the report here

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