Phillips is an international auction house providing services for collectors to buy and sell the world’s most important contemporary works of art.

Philips holds a wide range of auction events regularly. At Qumin, our role is to run PPC campaigns on Baidu around critical times and help Phillips improve online visibility, drive traffic, raise brand awareness and eventually attract potential customers to the events.

Activity Overview

Keyword Research & Ads
Conduct thorough researches to find relevant keywords to bid on, and lay the foundation for successful PPC campaigns. Production of carefully crafted ad copies for all ad groups.

Campaign Setup

Prepare the campaign by inputting and structuring all the keyword and ads, setting up bids and checking account configuration.

By conducting keyword & copy, bid optimisations and other approaches, the CTR was improved further. We had seen increased traffic to Phillips official site.


Qumin’s first Phillips Baidu PPC campaign was for Phillips 2018 Autumn Auction, which delivered 9% higher clicks, along with 8% higher CTR and 18% lower CPC, compared to their previous campaigns. With 10% less budget, we have driven more relevant traffic to the site in a more efficient manner.

The second Phillips PPC campaign was even more successful. We achieved 67% higher clicks, 26% lower CPC and 23% higher CTR compared to the first campaign. With the skills and determination, we thrive to improve and to deliver the best quality work to our clients.