DTC and the disruptor: The marketing advantage for China’s brands

By 2nd July 2021eCommerce, Insights, Retail

Original article by Qumin’s Founder and CEO Arnold Ma, published in Warc.

People think D2C (Direct to Consumer) is a strategic option on how to launch a brand, but it’s not! In the past, you would first have marketing, and then people would go to your store. NOW you can launch a brand on social media – you can do everything in that increasingly connected web of services: Attract, Interact, Sell, Retain, Nurture relationships

This is the EVOLUTION linked to consumers wanting to get closer to the brand:

First, you had Amazon & Tmall – you needed ‘middlemen’ to build trust between buyer and seller. Then came Brand com where brands could build a more personal connection with consumers. Then came social and live commerce. So, D2C is an Evolution of retail and consumerism, not a ‘branch’. For the first time ever, what you do in marketing is directly linked to customer experience!

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