Want your brand to make a lasting impression?

Consumers touch your brand’s visual identity all the time. Whether they land on your social media. Download your brochure. Or just see your logo. Whatever the medium, it just takes a glance. That’s all shoppers need to judge your campaign, your product or your brand. Enter China with the right visual identity and you put your brand ahead of the competition, improving your chances of success in an instant.

But it’s important to remember that Chinese consumers’ design preferences are a little different from consumers in other countries. So, crafting the perfect visual identity in the country can be a delicate process – between staying true to your brand and feeling right for China. Input, inspiration, and understanding from both our London and Shanghai teams mean we are in a unique position to help your brand achieve that balance.

At Qumin, we’ve racked up over 5 years’ experience in helping brands stand up and proudly announce themselves to Chinese consumers. Together we’ll make sure your brand makes the impression it deserves.

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