China Marketing Inbound

Launching Western brands into China using Digital, Social, Influencers, Advertising and Content.

We understand Chinese digital channels and know how to use them for digital marketing to launch and maintain Western brands into China. We are China experts in Web, Copywriting, Social (WeChat, Weibo), Mobile, KOL (influencers), Mini-apps and more. We use insights to create strategy and big ideas which we then execute on the right channels. And we understand how Western brands work.

We have builders, developers and makers

We build Apps, Websites, Tools and Mini-apps

We have developers in London and in China who build client products. We have built mobile apps for Manchester United, Watches of Switzerland and Pret, for the China Market. We have built websites for The Crown Estate, Shaftesbury, Clarivate and many more. And of course, our designers and copywriters are native Chinese. Most of them based in London.

We care about performance

Chinese Performance Marketing and beyond

We love the numbers and data. So if you do too, and you are after Chinese Performance Marketing, SEO, PPC, Programmatic, Paid Social and more, speak to our performance team for bespoke ROI-based media proposal to achieve your business objectives. Our recent big project for Sony Pro Global: 18 Months, Global Website Relaunch, Consolidating 198 websites, 2.2m URLs. 20+ languages. And that’s not just China, but the whole world of Asia. #BigSEO

The tide is turning with China outbound marketing

Now also launching Chinese brands into the West, on Western Channels

Some Chinese brands do it after acquisition, others after natural growth, but however they get her, they are setting their sights on the Western Markets. Qumin is now helping Chinese brands remove skepticism and be genuine. That's how we using digital marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Exciting times.