Want to be found online before your competition is?

In China, people won’t Google your brand, they’ll Baidu it. So, if you want your audience to find your product when they’re looking for it, you’ll need to get Baidu search engine optimisation (SEO) right. We’ve got teams of native Chinese SEO experts in both London and Shanghai – and together they possess the insights, knowledge, and skills you need to pull off a successful SEO campaign.

There are plenty of guides on how to do Google SEO, but Baidu SEO is not so transparent. Our SEO wizards will help your brand through the whole process – from initial strategy to content optimisation. We’ll help you navigate the language and technical differences. Then we’ll help you overcome the challenges faced by sites not hosted in China. And we’ll make sure it all works perfectly on mobile too. The goal? To make sure the right people are finding your product on the right searches.

Want to maximize your SEO return on investment? We’ll save you the time, money and headaches of endless experimentation and help you achieve SEO success in China.

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