Using Social Films to create emotional connections

These are the Many Faces of London's Chinatown

Our client set us the brief to create a video series that showcased the people that make Chinatown what it is today, and how they are forever connected to this unique part of London.

Chinatown is a hot pot of character, history, culture, culinary excellence and vibrancy and it was important to our client that this series reflected all of these things. As such, it was our challenge to communicate and capture this emotion and authenticity within a short 1 minute film.

So in just 3 episodes, you’ll hear about one man’s struggle to create a life for himself and his family, the story of the female entrepreneur who is making her own way in a traditionally male dominated business, and the man who’s dedication to Sichuanese food eventually changed public opinion about Chinese food. These are the Many Faces of London’s Chinatown.

Reproduced with the kind permission of Shaftesbury Chinatown PLC. © Shaftesbury 2018.