A Quick Flythrough 00:42

Fly with us as the Marsh & Parsons camera shows you the interior of the new Royal Dock West apartments.

Personal Tour 01:25

Property blogger Zixi Luo walks us through the new Marsh & Parsons property at Royal Dock West in London, United Kingdom.

Interview 02:52

Watch the interview between property blogger Zixi Luo and Bernice Tsai from Marsh & Parsons as they talk about the Royal Dock West, London.

Marsh & Parsons turns a London dream into reality.

Using Social Content to promote owning a London home

Marsh & Parsons has been matching people and property in London for over 160 years. That’s a lot of homes. But the real value of a new build is more than the clean bricks, fresh paint and shiny windows,  it is the promise of finding a new Life. For our Chinese adventurers, London is a new city with the thrill of a new home and a place to experience new things.  It could mean a new job, a new school or even a new Love. So they are not just buying a new property but living their London Fantasy. The dream starts to become real on WeChat with the London Guides, Neighbourhood ‘walk-arounds’ and property tours from our Chinese guides.Marsh & Parsons helps turn a London Dream into a reality.


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