Using Chinese Influencers in Social

Heathrow's Personal Shopper service in the spotlight

Front row at all the major London, Paris and New York Fashion shows,  Anny Fan is an icon in the Chinese luxury fashion world. So when we wanted a Fashion-Forward KOL to promote the Heathrow Personal Boutique Shopper Service, we knew it had to be Anny.  A fashion shoot at Heathrow created all the content needed to promote the experience to her millions of fans on Weibo and WeChat.

Through Anny, we encouraged inbound Chinese travellers at Heathrow to book a personal shopper appointment during Golden Week, a key luxury shopping time for Chinese Consumers.

"The China market is a hugely significant market for Heathrow and has been a big focus over the last couple of years. Qumin have been central to this, establishing a China digital marketing strategy to target Chinese independent travellers and students. Over the last year through online and offline marketing activity, they have helped grow our Chinese Social channels both in terms of numbers but also in terms of commercial value, now contributing to driving revenue in key areas such as Personal Shopper and Heathrow Rewards."

Holly BuckenhamHeathrow Airport Social Media Advisor

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