CBBC X Qumin: Hacking Chinese New Year

By 14th December 2020
Hacking Chinese New year

One month until Chinese New Year 2021 – the countdown is ON! 

Relax, we get it, Christmas is the busiest time of the year and COVID-19 has added an additional level of stress, so you might not have had time to think about Chinese New Year.  

Now, instead of doing something last minute that might not have much of an effect, let’s chat about quick and easy campaigns you can put together to leave a lasting (positive) impression on your Chinese audiences.  

In this 3-part interactive live-stream, we’ll give you some insider information to inspire your ideas.  

Part 1 – Chinese New Year culture  

Family, reunions, good food, red packets and more. We’ll give you a quick look inside Chinese New Year and what makes it special. It’s essential to a) better understand the significance of CNY and to b) get us in the mood. 

Part 2 – Simple but brilliant campaign examples and top tips 

Chinese New Year campaigns don’t need to be high production videos, they can be simple and swiftly executed. Allow us to run you through some effective, low production campaigns of previous years and pull out some top tips.  

Part 3 – Creating stand-out last-minute campaigns with YOU 

Finally, we’ll get down to business: let’s come up with some simple campaign ideas together. We ask you to BYOB – Bring Your Own Brand – which means that the event will revolve around what YOU need and not what we might think you need. As with all our events, we encourage you to be active, comment your thoughts, ask questions and take part in our live activities and polls.  

This three part webinar, hosted by Arnold Ma (founder and CEO of Qumin) and Pearl Zhu (China & business advisor, retail and e-commerce, CBBC), will allow brands to learn about what is involved in this important festival, pushing them to create an image that is receptive to their Chinese audience. Inclusivity is key and this event will fill in all the gaps, from culture and history to previous new year campaigns. It will allow you to create a campaign that can also be a celebration of Chinese New Year and your Chinese consumers, raising brand awareness and attracting a growing and dynamic market. Join us January 12th at 1pm (GMT) and remember to BYOB (bring your own brand)!

Check out what you can look forward to here: http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Esx-icAzQy8&feature=emb_title


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