Award Winning Agency

For the last seven years, Qumin’s teams in Shanghai and London have been delivering strategic campaign planning and execution for leading global sports brands. These include Manchester United and Barcelona FC, as well as top-flight football clubs such as West Brom and Watford. With experience in a range of verticals, Qumin apply insight-led creative and growth-hacking tactics to help brands to better acquire and engage with their fanbase.

Ten Years Ago…

… There were no Chinese owners of European Sports Clubs.

… There were no International Stars Playing in China.

… There were not 273m football fans in China.

With our campaigns achieving multiple awards, our recipe for success includes authenticity, respect and being people-first. Chinese fans reciprocate those values to the brands that give them.

With our team also providing China insights to many sports clubs across Europe – also thanks to our publication – we can support your growth in China.

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