China@Home Post-COVID19 – A BYOB Live Event

By 10th August 2020

The World @ Home

***12 AUGUST***

COVID-19 forced millions of people across the globe to stay in their homes to protect themselves and others.

With increased time indoors, the usage of living areas intensified. People started to purchase things to use at home, be that cooking utensils, workout gear, health-related products or entertainment items such as games, books, or tech. Due to limited offline shopping opportunities, most purchases had to be made online.

This was the case for pretty much everyone, right, regardless of which country.

But what exactly did it all look like in China?

Let’s take a “cribs-esque” peek into people’s homes to better understand the implications the virus may have had on Chinese consumer behaviour @Home with special guest Momo Estrella, the Head of Digital Design, China at IKEA.

Chinese under lockdown

Think about China and consider these random words: 996 working life, restaurant culture, online shopping, karaoke, live streaming, Chinese food, first-class education system, …

How well did and do you understand the Chinese way of life?

Do you know what the average Chinese home’s floor plan looks like and what, traditionally, during and after COVID-19, the roles of different rooms and the home in general were/are? Which products and services belong/ed to which room? Who were/are the decision-makers?

Entering the home

In true BYOB style, we ask you to Bring Your Own Brand and give you plenty of opportunities to co-create the event to make it relevant for YOU. Expect live Q&A throughout, polls, chats, exclusive materials and more. The goal is for you to walk away buzzing with new ideas and tangible next steps to “enter” digitally and / or physically into the Chinese home.

“Live means live”

Whatever you say at this event will stay at the event. BYOB is under strict Chatham House Rules and there will be no recording. Don’t miss out!

We can’t wait to literally open the door to China’s homes with you!




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