Qumin Shanghai office welcomes Dana Shi

By 23rd October 2018Staff

Qumin Shanghai is proud to announce that Dana Shi is joining our team as the new Associate Account Director!

Just finished her study at Glasgow, Dana will be working in our London office for four months before officially joining Qumin Shanghai end of this year.

Dana has many years of experience in digital marketing, working with an extensive list of clients, including the phenomenal shopping app Little Red Book.

“You may find me a caring and upfront person at work, which is slightly different from what I look like after work. Echoing the quote from Mr Wuliu “好读书, 不求甚解,每有会意, 便欣然忘食” (I love reading books, but I never intend to understand what is the true meaning behind those words. But when I do comprehend the implications from my readings, I will be extremely happy and even forget to eat.). I have the same attitude to life. With curiosities in many things, I’m able to have a broad and open minded approach to new challenges.” said Dana.

The Drum - Digital Advertising Winner 2022