Reaching Chinese consumers

Broaden your horizons to China’s ecommerce market

As a result of the growth in consumer spending, China’s retail sphere has flourished in recent years, even showing strong recovery from COVID-19. 2020 has brought numerous opportunities for online retail with a focus on e-commerce and the booming of the livestreaming industry. New lifestyles caused by COVID-19 have also encouraged many Chinese consumers to rethink their home layout and decoration, significantly boosting the homebound economy.

According to JD, China’s second largest e-commerce platform, 10,000 FMCG companies recorded over 100% sales growth on the platform in the first half of 2020. This is especially evident in the sales of home appliances, mother and baby products, and health and fitness goods.

To succeed in China, brands need to have a strong presence on online retail and social channels.

Qumin have worked with industry leaders, including Wrigley Mars, Haagen Dazs and The Dalmore , to expand their digital presence in the Chinese market.

With our team also providing China insights to many sports clubs across Europe – also thanks to our publication – we can support your growth in China.

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