Cartier cracks China’s social media – Arnold Ma in Jing Daily

Original article by Qumin’s Founder and CEO Arnold Ma, published in Jing Daily.

The rapidly-changing consumer landscape has moved slower in luxury because of traditionally held notions about the industry. But in China, Cartier is bucking that trend.

Key Takeaways:

  • China’s third generation of social media is driven by a mixture of Social OS and AI content, which produces feeds based on content rather than networks.

  • Luxury brands like Cartier have already embraced this change in China by creating fun campaigns on short-video platforms.

  • The inclusivity seen in Cartier’s user-generated content campaign on Douyin is crucial when targeting China’s younger buyers.

The rapidly-changing consumer landscape has moved at a slower pace in the luxury industry, mostly due to ingrained notions about what “luxury” means and the resulting behaviors they produce. But in China, where a digital transformation has led to a new generation of social media, the luxury market has begun shifting dramatically.

Traditional marketing campaigns that rack up high-production costs through glossy ads and commercials aren’t going to work for Western luxury brands that want to gain a foothold in China. Today, brands must compete on the country’s most powerful platforms: third-generation social media.

Yet, a few luxury brands have already embraced this shift with wild success, and one of the most adept in China right now might surprise you: the French luxury brand Cartier. Now, let’s take a closer look at how the latest form of social media evolved in China and how Cartier was able to harness it.

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