Social Media

31st January 2019

How Chinese museums are making themselves relevant using Social Media

Museums are serious places. History, culture, humanity, nature. They are of the greatest importance in…
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28th November 2018

WeChat’s Mini-Programs

China’s e-commerce has long startled the world. But will WeChat’s Mini-Program be the major driving…
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26th November 2018

Short video industry

Stats show that China’s short video and live-streaming industry has been going strong in the…
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12th September 2018

Not just WeChat, Weibo and Douyin. These four Chinese social media platforms will blow you mind

We’ve been hearing about WeChat, Weibo and Douyin, the so-called “2W1D”, far too much, that…
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28th August 2018

Douyin Is Not For Every Brand, But It’s For Every Chinese Youngster

Douyin (English name: Tik Tok) has got to be the Word of The First Half…
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22nd August 2018

Latest: WeChat opens registration for overseas companies

Sources at WeChat confirmed to Qumin this week that WeChat recently updated its registration policy…
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24th July 2018

What does the ‘banning’ of Peppa Pig teach us about Chinese Millennials?

Probably one of the most bizarre news stories in China in recent months was that of Peppa Pig, the British pre-school cartoon, being allegedly banned from trending on Chinese short video platform Douyin. For a few days users couldn’t search for any thing with Peppa Pig in the keywords and all Peppa Pig videos, original or spoof, were removed.

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