“I had Coronavirus in Wuhan” – an Interview with Deng Yi

A few weeks ago, China was amidst the biggest pandemic the country has faced in decades: the novel coronavirus outbreak. They experienced exactly what the rest of the world is experiencing at this moment in time: uncertainty, a new way of life and, often, fear. 

A few weeks ago, before the virus hit Europe, we spoke to Deng Yi, a performer from Wuhan. Deng Yi contracted Covid-19 in Wuhan and has since recovered from it. He kindly shared his experience and message with us, so we may better understand the infection, how we should act, and how China dealt/is dealing with it.

Among other questions, we asked:
?What were your symptoms?
?What happened after you were diagnosed?
?How was life in quarantine in Wuhan?
?What changes have you made since recovering?
?Do you think the Chinese government handled the situation well?
?What is your message?

We have since received many responses of viewers saying the interview made them feel more at ease. Of course, we understand that the situation in the West is far from resolved, many businesses and individuals are facing tough times and uncertainties, but we hope that this interview can shine a positive light.

Watch the full interview here:

Finally, we’d like to thank Deng Yi for taking the time to speak to us and everyone else involved in making this interview possible.

Let’s stay strong and positive. Qumin wishes everyone all the very best, or as we say in Chinese Jiāyóu 加油!

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