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On ITV in times gone by, the commercial breaks were often more popular than the programmes which surrounded them.

That’s because, in those days, so much talent was focused on the quality of the idea, the quality of its execution.

Qumin still does!

Qumin is only content with excellence

We apply the principles from that golden age to the new age of digital presentation.

Writers, designers, and editors as well as strategists and specialists in every relevant discipline – all work together in order to deliver selling messages that are actually welcome – because they are both bright and relevant.

The Qumin thing with digital is that we can quickly identify – and reliably measure – the differences that changes in content or technique can immediately create.

We can then work more on what works – to make it work better. We can evaluate the quality of inbound links and referrals, not just write lists of round numbers.

As the web becomes more ‘social’, brands can build relationships with customers in ways that were undreamed of even 15 years ago.

If properly cultivated, millions can become brand loyal advocates. Or vocal brand adversaries, if their feedback is persistently ignored.

Your choice, dear Client.

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