Online Brand Protection

If the Garden of Eden story were told today and Eve approached Google or Baidu rather than Adam with an enquiry around an Apple, the result would be altogether different.

Today the world and the world’s leading search engines love iconic brands like Apple – of course they do. We all do!

But some of us can remember Apple in the days before Steve Jobs. It was a bit like Skoda before Volkswagen got hold of it.

The critical point is Brands can be re-valued – or de-valued – depending on how they are managed.

Qumin has created its own multi-purpose model

At Qumin, we have pioneered a fully flexible, full-server model.

Because brands today are more exposed to criticism than at any time in history, we know that not all news is good news.

Like it or not, there are scapegoat brands like MacDonald’s and hero brands like Virgin. The scapegoat brands have to work harder to be appreciated than the hero brands.

Whether you are the sinner or sinned against, no one can provide you with better-informed protection for your brand, faster than Qumin.

Plus critical assessment and evaluation. Not to mention firepower.

Because, as sure as the gods made little green apples, online is the new front line.

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