Pay Per Click (PPC)

In the Mad Men era, the clients dreamed of it and the creatives dreaded it: fully accountable advertising, or PPC for short!

Qumin is totally pro PPC. We can make good ideas work harder – and great ideas work harder still. We call it ‘progressive modification’ and it’s a professional process of continuous improvement.

It involves only working with what works – then accentuating the positive and eliminating the negative. It sounds simple – and it’s not easy!

  • Paid Search – AdWords and Bing PPC
    1. Brief – The Qumin principle is that “Outstanding results depend on in-depth understanding.”  So please expect to be asked a lot of questions. And some may seem repetitive.
    2. Proposal – After we take your brief, we do our own research on keywords and the competitive environment. We then commit our conclusions to a document for discussion.
    3. Implementation – Once we are agreed on the right direction, we define your best prospects in terms of outcomes – “Buying effects on people” – and work out how to achieve it, in detail, including budgets and targets.
    4. Reality Check – We run our benchmark material and precisely measure the results, looking most closely at the ratio of conversions to clicks. In PPC, quantity on its own is actually counter-productive. Cost-effective quality, with minimum wastage, is the name of the game.
    5. Progressive modification – We do new keyword research. We test A/B split runs. We work on in the sincere belief that there is always “a better way” and that it is up to us to find it.
  • Display Advertising

    The duty of any advertisement is to advertise – whether it’s a banner, a flash, or a video clip.

    The Qumin thing is all about reconciling Brightness with Relevance.

    This is the most difficult of all on the BIRD map but it is also the most appreciated by your prospect and the most rewarding for you in terms of Cost per Conversion.

    Next best – but not recommended – is Relevant but Dull. Well, at least, it’s Relevant.

    Bright but Irrelevant is seductive but should be resisted. It is Irrelevant and therefore self-indulgent and wasteful.

    Only a client with a commercial blind-spot would ever approve advertising which is both Dull and Irrelevant. (Such ads are hard to find, even if you’re looking for them!)

    If you have an established advertising campaign running in traditional media, we will reflect it online.

    “One message, one voice”

    However, our progressive modification ethos demands that whatever advertising we run online on your behalf is accessible to fine-tuning in order to improve its creative cost-efficiency.

  • Remarketing

    Coarse fishermen talk about the ‘one that got away’ and it’s always a big one, never a tiddler.

    At Qumin we recommend you do not give up so easily on prospects, who have shown some interest in what you are offering – witness the fact that they have visited your site.

    Empirical evidence suggests that, on average, at least 90% of all visitors to a site do NOT sign up for anything on their first visit. It’s more of a familiarisation trip.

    With their permission, we have the technology to follow them as they travel elsewhere online.

    We also have the technology to provide them with fresh opportunities to see your ad.

    At Qumin, we are perhaps closer to the highly skilled fly-fisherman who knows the pool is teeming with trout and patiently casts out his fly, time and time again.

    In the online eco-system that we have created for you, this is what we mean by the terms Remarketing and Retargeting.

    We reel them in, then let them go, knowing they will come back again to play – and pay – another day.

  • Social Media Advertising – Facebook and Twitter

    With 700 million users, Facebook is hard to write off as “irrelevant” – although some from the King Canute School of Marketing have said as much.

    Many of the users of Facebook have volunteered loads of useful information about themselves, making them accessible to targeted propositions and relevant offers.

    Once the magic words for the consumer passing a shop window were: “As seen on TV!”

    Now the expectation is that your brand will be readily accessible through Facebook and constantly communicating with its customers and prospects through Twitter.

    Businesses who shun these ‘newfangled’ communication opportunities are now the exception to the rule and as such are considered odd.

    You ignore them at your peril. You embrace them for your mutual benefit.

    That’s how the new deal works, in the digital age.

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