Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

At Qumin, we know SEO – in English and Mandarin!

Google has Googlebot, Baidu has Baiduspider. Both will regularly crawl your website with relentless efficiency, building an index for the search engine, before applying their own algorithm and ranking you as a match for the queries they receive.

The irrelevant are ignored, the relevant are adored…

  • On-Page and Technical Optimisation

    If your prospects are not pointed towards you, they are highly unlikely to find you. And if they don’t find you, how can they learn to like you and so become your customers?

    The visibility of your site really does depend on the technology used to build it, and how your site is structured.

    On-Page and technical optimisation is the foundation upon which all other SEO efforts are based.

    To build the best foundations, Qumin advises on or implements everything from structure to coding and creative to Meta.

    You don’t need to understand precisely how the technical optimisation process works from HTML onwards but you do need to acknowledge its reality.

    The page presentation affects the flow – are the relevant keywords leaping out to the visitors and search engines or are they camouflaged amid the clutter?

    Qumin designs and builds all new websites with SEO constantly in mind, not as a last-minute afterthought.

  • Keyword Research

    On a website, most human beings communicate using words.

    (Body language may be important in the video sections; keywords are what matter everywhere else!)

    We therefore need to know the kind of language that your audience currently speaks – not just English or Mandarin, though that’s a good start.

    The words… The phrases… The ‘big ideas’ that are currently exercising their minds…

    What are their most popular buzz words? What is their current ‘shorthand’?

    What words are most relevant to them today in their business?

    We search for these ‘popular, well-chosen words’ – the keywords that matches the most relevant search queries relating to your business.

    And not just short search phrases but ‘long-tail keywords’ that suggest specific relevance to certain products or services, that they bring in a large variety of visitors with very similar search intent.

    In business, speed to the right solution is the most precious commodity of all. Any mismatch is a complete waste of time – like a bad blind date on a beautiful evening.

  • Link Building and Outreach

    Even with the rise of Social, inbound links are still a major factor in determining how your website is ranked.

    Practically speaking, that means link-building is not an optional extra, it’s an absolute necessity.

    Excellent authoritative links are seen as strong evidence of high relevance in a competition where relevance matters more than anything else.

    Qumin is into high end link development in a big way.

    Our approach is a mixture of ingenuity and innovation, of art and science, of baiting and blogging, of trend analysis and social engagement.

    We look inward – and outward. We never stop looking for new opportunities.

    What are your competitors up to? What can we learn from their successes or their mistakes?

    How can we stay bright as well as relevant?

    Variety is the spice of life online, too, remember!

    To stay ahead of the curve, you also have to stay ahead of the pack.

  • Social Signals

    GOOD NEWS: Quality is now more important than Quantity!

    In the early days of SEO, all anyone needed to do to improve their position in the rankings was simply to bump up the quantity of links to be counted.

    In that old digital world, Trotter’s Independent Web Traders’ model worked on the basis of “Never mind the quality – feel the width… You know it makes sense!”

    Evolution not Revolution

    ‘Social’ and ‘Search’ are now converging faster than ever before and SEO is not just about numbers any more.

    The sophisticated new algorithms adopted by the major search engines actually recognise the quality of the social signals they monitor.

    At Qumin, we anticipate that the increasing convergence of top social networks and search will be the single biggest factor affecting both brand ranking and brand authority in the immediate future.

    Who says what about your brand on Facebook, Twitter and Google + is important now. It will become increasingly important in providing a body of evidence of your brand’s real standing among the ‘right people’.

    The new world of digital is all about creating new communities of active like-minded participants, in touch with each other online – out of choice, not compulsion

    Quality is the new cool, Derek.

    Quantity is, well, gross.

  • Activity Reporting

    Qumin works on SMART objectives: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timed.

    We report on the same basis. Every month, you can expect a clear breakdown on what we have done and what we have achieved on your behalf.

    Are we on target? Ahead or behind?

    What’s going right, what’s going wrong?

    How are you doing in the rankings?

    How much traffic is there?

    Where is it coming from?

    What keywords are working best?

    How does this month compare with last – better, worse, up or down?

    In the digital world, the data is readily available and there is no place to hide.

    Of course, all data is open to interpretation and intelligent or imaginative insights can make a massive difference to the end result.

    But facts are facts and the truth is incontrovertible. Qumin is happy to count – and be counted.

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