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According to Steve Bond, Insight Director at Marks & Spencer “Data without insight is like a thong without a push-up bra.”

Whether you’re looking at SEO, PPC or Social, numbers -like brassieres – add a different dimension to the overall picture.

On the web that dimension should be worth its weight in gold.

Intelligent analysis without obsessive paralysis

At Qumin, quite honestly, we love crunching numbers.

And our secret weapon is our own multi-touch attribution system.

For us, there is no better basis for a ‘feel-good factor’ than a new set of numbers that demonstrates a measurable improvement in performance.

After all, the ‘M’ in our SMART Objectives stands for ‘Measurable’.

And the ‘T’ could stand for ‘Transparent’ as well as ‘Timed’.

Data has value only if it is analysed with commercial insight and acted upon intelligently.

Who is showing up on site? How many? How often?

Where did they come from?

What’s the same about them? What’s different?

Which bits do they like? Which bits do they stumble over? Which bits do they skip?

Can we put them in clusters?

To help us, we apply our professional expertise to fresh data, which we then slice and dice, using the market’s most sophisticated analytics software.

Our holistic approach means we treat your online presence as a living, breathing eco-system.

We monitor its condition constantly and report back to you regularly, whether the news is encouraging or alarming.

Or somewhere beyond or between.

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