Chinese Copywriting and Translation

In France, in the 19th Century, the writer Gustave Flaubert apparently spent ages agonising over finding precisely the right word or phrase.

Or as he called it “Le mot juste”

In Shanghai, in the 21st Century, our hand-picked professional copywriters will come up with just the right words and phrases in Mandarin.

And do so with the speed and accuracy that would leave Monsieur Flaubert gasping with admiration.

Local talent, world-class quality

Qumin Shanghai provides first class Chinese copywriters, complete with excellent local and regional experience in the traditional way of doing things.

All our copywriters are also required to understand where Qumin itself is coming from: to buy into our passionate, holistic approach to digital excellence.

And to write, up to Qumin standards, in their mother tongue, In their own appropriate style.

+ Superior Translation Services

  • The whole point of having Chinese and English directors is that nothing need be ‘lost in translation’ – ever!
  • Just because you have something that works well, out of China, does not mean that it will work well in China.
  • If necessary, we will rewrite your web copy from start to finish, so that it matches or exceeds  your  Chinese prospects’ highest expectations.
  • Unlike international translators, Qumin will look at your brand through Chinese eyes and recommend how best to present it to its new audience. That means understanding your company’s culture and your brand’s character and ethos, then matching them to the Chinese opportunity.

The Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw correctly said that “England and America are two countries divided by a common language.”

Just imagine how awesome the gap between our two native languages – Mandarin and English.

And Mandarin and American English!

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