Chinese Pay Per Click (PPC)

At Qumin Shanghai, we are totally at home with Chinese PPC and all important paid platforms currently available in China.

These include:

  • Baidu PPC
  • Chinese Google Adwords
  • Soso Search and Display
  • Sogou Search and Display
  • Weibo Ads
  • RenRen Ads
  • Taobao Express


Better Understanding – naturally.

Chinese professionals instinctively understand Chinese customers better than outsiders ever can

Keyword research

Qumin is pioneering new standards in China. This includes our own proprietary tools to identify the keywords and key phrases that resonate most in your particular sector.


Relevance is the single most important factor in PPC as well as SEO. Time is the most precious commodity in business today. Prospects punish anyone who wastes their time with irrelevant propositions, however bright.


“Salesmanship in print” also needs to reflect local mores in new media. Ideas that work in Brooklyn may be anathema in Beijing. Qumin can refine copy by testing it online and tweaking every single element of it, progressively, to improve results.

Comprehensive Ranking Index

Just like Google Quality Score (QS) Baidu CRI measures by multiplying bidding price and quality score. Therefore the higher your quality score the lower your bid can afford to be.

Quality control

Qumin’s mantra is “Spend less, achieve more.” The higher the quality we can achieve on your behalf, the less you need to bid to achieve the highest ranking.

Great ads cost less!

Like Google, the more relevant Baidu CRI deems your ad to be, the less you have to pay for it.

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