Chinese SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

The principles are the same. The practice is different

In theory, Best Practice in SEO is the same everywhere – London, New York, Sydney or Shanghai.

In reality, reliable local knowledge can make all the difference in the world between English and Chinese SEO.


Because attitudes differ, cultures differ.

People’s expectations differ.

People’s behaviours differ. And no one understands those differences better than the people in the same spot, at the same time – like London or Shanghai.

  • Chinese Keyword Research

    Qumin’s digital team in Shanghai are all Chinese born and bred.

    When it comes to keywords, they understand the subtleties of their own language better than any westerner ever could.

    They also fully understand the subtle differences in Chinese search engine algorithms – with exclusive Qumin-customised tools, at their disposal, using the Baidu API.

  • Competitor Analysis

    As a matter of course, we scrutinise competitive activity online, with ruthless attention to detail.

    What are they doing right?

    What are they doing wrong?

    Where are the gaps of opportunity?

    If every competitor else is zigging, it may be time to zag.

    As Tsun Tzu famously advised: “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.”

  • On-page Optimisation

    Our primary objective is to maximise each page’s ‘crawlability’ appeal for the dutiful Baidu-spiders.

    Not to mention all the other Chinese search engines’ visiting evaluators.

    To do this, we review the technology used throughout your website and work with your developers to make it work better.

    The changes may be small and subtle – or they may be large and radical.

    Whatever they are, they will be changes for the better.

  • Link-building and Outreach

    Qumin Shanghai benefits from world-class link-building and social-signal expertise, professionally transferred from UK to China.

    New Yorker writer Malcolm Gladwell talks about the need for “10,000 hours” of good experience. In China, this level of digital dexterity is still extremely rare.

    As a client of Qumin, in China you benefit from leading edge London experience, adapted to work better with, say, Baidu or 360 than your competitors can hope to do without it.

    Applying techniques perfected on Google and Facebook, to Baidu and 360 should ensure you achieve superior rankings and a potentially future-proof competitive edge.

  • Qumin offers a complete Consultancy Support service

    If desired, we can individually tailor – and personally deliver – professional training programmes to help your in-house specialists raise their game dramatically.

    If they are willing to be open-minded, your copywriters can be shown a better way with words.

    For your developers, we can demonstrate how decisions made right at the start can positively affect performance and improve results right down the line.

    Your in-house SEO specialists can be shown how the convergence of link-building and social signals, which increasingly affects rankings in the West, is now on its way to China, too.

  • A quick overview of Baidu in China today
    • Founded in 2000, Baidu dominates the Chinese market, with an 80% share
    • With Google as a commercial role model, Baidu is also evolving vertically, with images search, mapping, video search, news, advertising and analytics
    • Google indexes thousands of pages per website, while Baidu often only indexes hundreds from the same sites.
    • The Baidu-spider is less sophisticated than the Google equivalent, we understand where its weaknesses lay and so make up for its inadequacies accordingly.
    • In line with our holistic approach to digital in each local market, in China we leverage the value of related Baidu products, including Baidu Search, Baidu Zhidao – a question and answer facility, Baidu Images and Baidu Wiki

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