Digital Brand Launch in China

“Go East, young man, and grow up with the country.”

The original “Go West, young man” quote was first published by John Soule in 1851.

The quote above is simply the Qumin version of it and more appropriate to today’s global growth forecasts.

Alister Heath, editor of City am – the John Soule of his day? – encourages UK business to look beyond Europe to emerging eastern markets, led of course by China.

Despite a slight slow down, China is still growing at over twice the global rate, over three times the US rate and over ten times the UK or Eurozone rate.

Qumin, London, Qumin, Shanghai

If you want to do digital business in China, Qumin is both ideally placed and ideally qualified to help you.

For a start, Qumin has an office in Shanghai, the commercial nerve-centre of China, with a population of over 23 million people.

Our staff in Shanghai follow Qumin’s signature holistic philosophy – that is, integrating all aspects of digital practice for the best commercial results for you, our clients.

From strategic planning to web design/build to SEO, Qumin can guide you confidently on what will work best for you in China.

Our experts on the spot know the complexities of the Chinese marketplace inside out, its business culture, as well as current consumer behaviour and expectations.

These same experts can also organise independent proprietary research to cover any key question on which you need reliable, up to the minute information.

In a matter of clicks and links, Qumin can point you towards the best low-hanging fruit that the East can offer in abundance.

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