Social Media in China (SMM)

Picture the scene: the Customs Hall, New York City, 1882. The American Customs Officer confronts the eccentric-looking Irishman:

“Anything to declare?”

To which the traveller replies:

“I have nothing to declare but my genius!”

This was Oscar Wilde’s famous if egotistical reply.

Imagine what a following he might attract today on Twitter. (You only have to look at Stephen Fry.)

And how much larger it might be in China, on Weibo, if either could only master Mandarin.

Because China now has over half a billion ‘netizens’!

If you thought the west is social-media mad, you should see China.

Culturally, Chinese society is significantly more socially participative than either Northern European or North American communities.

The natural focus in China is more collective than individualistic, yet paradoxically this expresses itself in the popularity of ‘joining in’.

We Chinese love leaving comments on everything, whenever we can, wherever it’s possible. Social interaction is almost a duty.

No wonder social networks are so popular in China.

And growing so fast.

No wonder the users create unequalled opportunities to build a brand’s reputation…

Or ruin it.

The hard lessons Qumin learned in the West can now be applied in the East, through our Shanghai Office.

That gives us an edge over local talent, however good, who have never worked outside of China for even a week.

On arrival in Shanghai, if we were less modest, we too might claim: “Qumin has nothing to declare but its Genius!”

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