Some novelists – and all copywriters – believe that “reality lies in words”.

Most clients secretly believe they can write good copy.

Most digital agency copywriters have only ever written copy online.


Our copywriters have written all kinds of different copy.

For TV. For radio. For press. For print. For posters. For mailing shots.

They have written Press Releases. Speeches. Presentations. Ghost-written articles.

They have written Business Plans. Manifestos. Scripts. Books. Poems and love-letters.

Now they write mostly web copy.

They are word-conscious, of course. And keyword-conscious, also.

Unlike most other web copywriters, at Qumin, their first languages are either English or Mandarin.

The benefit of dealing directly with these digital natives is that nothing is lost in translation.

And if you need any copy written in traditional media, our people can do that for you, too.

It’s all part of “the Qumin thing.”

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