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How many e-shopping days till Xmas?

Napoleon Bonaparte once described the English as “a Nation of Shop-keepers!”

But his Corsican arrogance was not entirely misplaced. It might even be considered prescient.

Today, the UK sets the pace in e-commerce, leading the rest of Europe by a margin almost as wide as la manche.

Take Tesco, for example

Once it was just bricks.

Now it is bricks and clicks – with more than one million online customers as their reward for pioneering internet retailing in the UK.

Supermarket retailers all offer an e-tailing option.

And all the trend-lines strongly suggest that the future of all commerce is e-commerce.

(Within e-commerce, the new touch-points are multiplying fastest in mobile telephony – M-commerce.)

The competitive challenge is to make it as easy and as convenient as possible for the maximum number of customers to order what they want…

And then pay for it securely.

Qumin will ensure seamless links in the demand and supply chain.

As your e-business partners, we can ensure that you do not promise what you cannot hope to deliver.

According to the latest Oxford Dictionary, the Northern English form of surprise or dismay isn’t “Oh!” it’s “Ee!”

As the legendary Andy Capp might have said:

“Ee by gum, lad, who’d have thought you could shop, and bet, on Internet?”

Thanks to e-commerce and M-commerce, you can Andy, you can.

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