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Do you know the story of the three bricklayers?

In answer to the question: “What are you doing?” the first replied: “I’m laying bricks.” The second replied: “I’m putting up a wall.” And the third replied: “I’m building a Cathedral!”

Attitudinally, the third would be a candidate for Qumin.

We are totally passionate about web design, web build and web development. In our vision, all are intimately related, one with the other.

And the Cathedral image is more relevant than you might imagine…

If you think of your website as your brochure online, you’re laying bricks.

If you think of it in three dimensions, you’re moving in the right direction.

If you think of it as a piece of beautiful but functional multi-dimensional architecture, we can definitely work together!

Like it or not, your Mission and your Vision become real online.

It is your most public corporate statement, accessible to fans and foes alike.

You need to be sure the foundations are on rock, not sand.

That your prospects enjoy each visit and get where they want to go quickly and easily.

That your content remains not just topical but relevant – connecting with different dimensions, like inner reality as well as shared reality.

In the digital age, the time is always ‘now’ –  the place is always ‘here’.


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