Webinar: Luxury in China in the wake of Covid-19 – Qumin X Chatly

By 2025, Chinese luxury shoppers will represent 44% of the $1.4 trillion luxury market – with its millions of ever-growing affluent and connected consumers, China already offers a glimpse into the future of the luxury category and of consumer technology trends.

  • But how has this trajectory been impacted by COVID-19?
  • In what ways have consumer behaviors changed during this time period?
  • And what can we expect to see as China emerges from the crisis?

Access to a real person and personalized customer experiences have become, in some ways, the new form of luxury. The ability to deliver a high-touch, customized experience combined with the convenience of technology has become the make or break of luxury brands.



Snapshot of the Different Chinese Luxury Shoppers:
Understanding the key differences between generations is crucial to approaching Chinese luxury shoppers.

Younger, Faster:
For the new generation of Chinese who have always known abundance and access to anything at an instance, what does Luxury Consumerism mean?

The Impact of COVID-19:
How has the Chinese luxury consumer changed and what are they expecting from brands?



While offline retail locations are beginning to reopen in China, consumers remain cautious about spending time outdoors, and brands must continue to focus on all things digital. Yet with nearly every luxury brand in the world vying for Chinese consumers’ online attention, digital alone doesn’t matter – personalization is key. Relevant content and offerings can cut through the noise and, when done right, it is proven to increase engagement, retention, and conversion rates.

When it comes to personalization, WeChat is, hands down, the best platform.

With its vast amount of features and capabilities, luxury brands can build incredibly customized experiences that are tailored to each consumer’s needs & desires.

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Emmanuel Stralka
Strategy Director, Qumin
With over 17 years of global and market experience in digital, marketing and branding, Em has developed expertise in strategic oversight, brand and product development and client leadership, as well as platforms partnership. He has worked extensively in Asia, Europe and North America for agencies including WPP and brands such as L’Oréal, Nestle, Puma, and various luxury brands. Em leads the strategic planning for Qumin.

Lauren Hallanan
Head of Marketing, Chatly
Lauren Hallanan is a Chinese social media marketing consultant, writer and speaker focusing on influencer marketing, live streaming, social commerce, and the rise of Chinese domestic brands. Lauren happened to be the first guest on Qumin’s popular ‘China, WTF?!’ (What’s The Future) podcast where she introduced the influencer and live-streaming industry in China. She’s also the co-author of the Amazon bestselling book Digital China: Working with Bloggers, Influencers, and KOLs, a contributing writer at Forbes, Jing Daily, and SupChina and host of the China Marketing Podcast. Lauren lived in China for 8+ years where she worked in the marketing, public relations, entertainment, and live streaming industries.

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