Once upon a time at Qumin, we decided it was our duty to make sure we know what’s poppin’ in China. Henceforth, every day since we have scanned through Chinese news, platforms and talked to our colleagues to ensure we are all on the same, up-to-date page.



Here is the sexy part: A couple of months ago, we decided to share this news not only internally, but to also broadcast it to the rest of the world!

Oh but can’t I just google ‘Chinese news’,  you might say? You can, dear reader…. but then you will have to wait for English speaking media outlets to pick up on the news and translate it into English. Not only does this result in delays, but also in many HAWT and trending, China changing stories not being picked up.

Here’s the deal: within bite-sized, 3-5 minute episodes, Founder Arnold Ma and Marketing Manager Louisa Loehrig take you through the highlights of the day. Societal news, new trends, platform and tech updates, outstanding brand campaigns, travel news, and sometimes the odd bit of (exciting) politics are all part of the party.

Where might one access such an invaluable update from China, you ask?

Look no further than your favourite podcast provider! Simply type “Chinese News in English” into the search bar, or (even simply-ier) click on the links below!

iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, TuneIn, and more!


In case you want to know whose charming voice is presenting the news to you as you brush your teeth, take a quick break from your busy work/kids, or exercise your rights to exercise outside,…  May we present a (rather funny) clip of bygone video times.

For those of you who were fans of the show on LinkedIn’s #QuminNewsRoom and are disappointed that the video format is no longer, this will be a little treat for you:


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